Music keeps getting hot every day. New music keeps being produced all over the world. The new hits have kept many voting to keep their favorite artists on top of the list. One thing the bus, personal cars or commercial movers have in common is the playlist of the hot hit songs. Here are the top hot three hits;Just like fire by pink is the hot hit this year. As the name, the song is like fire spreading fast to all pink lovers across the world. The song is so amazing that it has had so many people voting to keep it on top of the list.
I took a pill in Ibiza by Mike Ponser comes in second. The song has put the singer on top again. The song is still gaining popularity with so many people loving it. The song has so many views on youtube .
The third hot song is Work from Home by Fifth Harmony. Fifth harmony has come a long way. They always manage to deliver the best to their funs.