Different types of music genres

A music genre is a categorical and typological manufacture that detects regular sounds as belonging to an individual category and breeding of music that can be separated from other kinds of music. Below are the most popular genres of music in the word that people love:
•Rock music.
Perhaps the most influencing genre of music, rock, also known as rock and roll, has left a mark in almost every artist’s record. Rock music was an offshoot of the original classical melody. However, it is centered on the electric guitar. Rock itself has several sub-variations, such as classical rock, hard rock, indie rock and much more.

•Pop music.
Pop music is an abbreviated version of the term ‘popular music.’ Pop music was born in the 1950s and was more like a modified extension of rock and roll. Live performances became popular, and with time, pop music has also begun to encourage rhythm, beats, and dancing. This genre was made internationally famous by artists like Madonna and Michael Jackson.

•Electronic Dance Music.
With the many clubs and discos we have today, electronic dance theme, promoted everywhere as EDM, became an instant hit. Disc jockeys everywhere began to experiment with dance music, and the trend of remixing popular songs to make them suitable for club dancing, and using synthetic instruments became a hot trend.

•Country music.
True to its name, this form of music traces its origin to Southern USA, way back in the 1920s. Country music includes ballads, dance tunes, and sing-song tales accompanied by stringed instruments such as guitars, harmonicas, and fiddles. With time, lighter beats have also begun to become a part of this music. The pieces backed by country music general have a calming effect.

•Jazz music.
Jazz music dates back to the nineteenth century and has an African-American origin. Interestingly, it grew simultaneously in various parts of America. The common undercurrent to these different places of origin of Jazz music was their characteristic property of being performance oriented. Over the following century, Jazz melody went through several transformations and had finally become the Jazz theme that we know and love today.

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