4 greatest musicians of our generation

The informational era has created a boom in the music industry, and it seems that we have more hot names in music than ever before. But what is hot aside, our question is – who is the greatest?
This is our list of 4 greatest artists of our millennium.

1. Adele
It would be crazy not to include Adele into this list. She is a record breaking artists, and her powerful voice will haunt us forever. But also, we have to take a moment to consider how much she changed the music industry. A chubby girl that is wildly successful in times of profane music and autotune that suddenly decides she is quitting the industry at age of 22? The stuff of legends is what it is.

2. Bon Iver
Dabbling in indie-folk and electronics, Bon Iver accomplished unaccomplishable – he made acoustic folk sound exciting again. And he did it with each of his three albums, every time changing the idea of what indie folk is, or, better yet, what it could be.

4. The Black Keys
They might sound to many as a typical dad-rock band, but oh, boy, do they rock! Every song is laden with juicy riffs and catchy choruses with enough stadium potential to blow the roof off of every house that not even a world class team of roofers could reassemble it. Even if they are the swan song of powerful rock bands, they definitely deserve their names on this list.
5. Kanye West
Whether you like him or not, it cannot be denied – there is no musician in our era more influential than Kanye. In his every effort he is always pushing boundaries and questioning the limits of music and fame. His success in doing so varies, but we can always expect him to create something new and exciting. And we can also expect other artists catching up with it only after a few years.