Selena Gomez

I’m a huge fan of Selena Gomez. I’ve been watching her on TV since I was still young. I first discovered her at real estate company. As I was waiting for my friend’s mom finish talking to the real estate agent. I saw her on t.v. She was on a tv show called Wizards of Waverly Place. That show became one of my favorite past times because it was a relaxing and chill show to watch. In that show, Selena Gomez played a pretty funny and witty character that was pretty enjoyable to watch. I looked forward to watching her pretty often because of that. I watched that show for a really long time and just became slightly obsessed or a fan.

After she finished with that show and left Disney, she became a musician. She started coming out with music and at first it wasn’t that good. I wasn’t the biggest fan of her music because it was just the typical mainstream music that everyone would listen to. I gave it a shot because I was still a fan of her but after a while it just became very boring. After a while though she started improving her music and she started getting more famous.

She became famous and a lot of people started liking her music. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t write her own music but she became very famous for a few of her songs. She really made it after a while because she started dating Justin Bieber. At first it was weird that they were dating because she once said that she thought of Justin as a little brother. I guess that all changed because they started dating and that would be weird if she kept her opinion.

After she broke up with Justin Bieber, she really started making different music. She started coming out with sad music and it sounds like Justin Bieber and her had a real relationship going on. I’m not sure what happened but from what it seems like, Selena Gomez really had real feelings from him. You can tell in her music that she was really sad that they broke up. Their relationship didn’t last that long but they were a really good couple. I wish that they had stayed together.

Selena Gomez is going on tour now and I hope that she becomes successful and gets what she wants. I think she deserves it because she’s come so far from Wizards of Waverly Place. She started making movies too at some point but they weren’t that good. I remember she made a movie with Demi Lovato. They used to be best friends but I’m not sure exactly what happened between them. They were both on the popular kids show Barney before. I hope that they’re still friends.

Selena has a lot of talent. She can sing, act, and dance. She seems like a pleasant person to hang around with. I can tell by the interviews that i’ve seen. She really seems like a chill person and I like that because I believe it’s important to be nice in that industry. I really do hope that she continues on this path and eventually become a Hollywood legend.