Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has started from humble beginnings. He started off as a kid who just loved music. He comes from Ontario Canada and is now a mega star all over the world. I’m pretty sure everyone knows him by now. He started off as a kid who used to play on the streets for money with his guitar. I watched his documentary it was really intriguing. It was interesting to see where he’s come from and how he actually got so famous. He really is a natural at singing. His mom,  a real estate developer supported him through everything, and really helped him get a footing in this industry

He started by uploading his music to YouTube so that family members can see him perform. Eventually the video got a lot of hits and it was crazy to see how many people liked his music. I personally was following him since he was young and seeing him grow up to become such a mega star is actually pretty amazing. After being a big youtube hit, he was called by producers and he got his first chance to meet a few stars. Scooter is one of the people who led him to success. Scooter introduced Justin to Usher and Justin really wanted to show Usher what he could do. Usher was intrigued and really wanted to sponsor Justin Bieber.

After that, Justin Beiber just took off. He kept coming out with music and people just loved this kid. He came out with love songs and pop songs and eventually became mainstream. I know a lot of people didn’t like his music at first but I was a big fan of him since the start. Actually it was interesting to see so many different people decided to hate on him just because he was a young kid who didn’t seem like he could sing.

Fast forward a few years later, Justin seems to have grown up quite a bit. He went through a lot. The public media really didn’t like justin and always saw the worst in him. He used to be on the news a lot and it would always be about him doing something really dumb. He really messed up. He was a rich young kid with a fan base and he was bound to make mistakes. He then came out with an album to really show how much he’s grown up.

Purpose was the album that he came out with to show to the world that he has changed and he was asking everyone to forgive him. His music was really different and it really attracted people who didn’t really like him before. I think it was a good move on him because his music really was good and I kept listening to it even till this day.

One of my favourite songs from him is Sorry. This song is so catch and I think many other songs on his album is catchy. He definitely made a killing with this album and he was #1 on the music charts for a while. I really believe that he made a jump and grew up and his music reflects this change.