Music keeps getting hot every day. New music keeps being produced all over the world. The new hits have kept many voting to keep their favorite artists on top of the list. One thing the bus, personal cars or commercial movers have in common is the playlist of the hot hit songs. Here are the top hot three hits;Just like fire by pink is the hot hit this year. As the name, the song is like fire spreading fast to all pink lovers across the world. The song is so amazing that it has had so many people voting to keep it on top of the list.
I took a pill in Ibiza by Mike Ponser comes in second. The song has put the singer on top again. The song is still gaining popularity with so many people loving it. The song has so many views on youtube .
The third hot song is Work from Home by Fifth Harmony. Fifth harmony has come a long way. They always manage to deliver the best to their funs.

4 greatest musicians of our generation

The informational era has created a boom in the music industry, and it seems that we have more hot names in music than ever before. But what is hot aside, our question is – who is the greatest?
This is our list of 4 greatest artists of our millennium.

1. Adele
It would be crazy not to include Adele into this list. She is a record breaking artists, and her powerful voice will haunt us forever. But also, we have to take a moment to consider how much she changed the music industry. A chubby girl that is wildly successful in times of profane music and autotune that suddenly decides she is quitting the industry at age of 22? The stuff of legends is what it is.

2. Bon Iver
Dabbling in indie-folk and electronics, Bon Iver accomplished unaccomplishable – he made acoustic folk sound exciting again. And he did it with each of his three albums, every time changing the idea of what indie folk is, or, better yet, what it could be.

4. The Black Keys
They might sound to many as a typical dad-rock band, but oh, boy, do they rock! Every song is laden with juicy riffs and catchy choruses with enough stadium potential to blow the roof off of every house that not even a world class team of roofers could reassemble it. Even if they are the swan song of powerful rock bands, they definitely deserve their names on this list.
5. Kanye West
Whether you like him or not, it cannot be denied – there is no musician in our era more influential than Kanye. In his every effort he is always pushing boundaries and questioning the limits of music and fame. His success in doing so varies, but we can always expect him to create something new and exciting. And we can also expect other artists catching up with it only after a few years.

Different types of music genres

A music genre is a categorical and typological manufacture that detects regular sounds as belonging to an individual category and breeding of music that can be separated from other kinds of music. Below are the most popular genres of music in the word that people love:
•Rock music.
Perhaps the most influencing genre of music, rock, also known as rock and roll, has left a mark in almost every artist’s record. Rock music was an offshoot of the original classical melody. However, it is centered on the electric guitar. Rock itself has several sub-variations, such as classical rock, hard rock, indie rock and much more.

•Pop music.
Pop music is an abbreviated version of the term ‘popular music.’ Pop music was born in the 1950s and was more like a modified extension of rock and roll. Live performances became popular, and with time, pop music has also begun to encourage rhythm, beats, and dancing. This genre was made internationally famous by artists like Madonna and Michael Jackson.

•Electronic Dance Music.
With the many clubs and discos we have today, electronic dance theme, promoted everywhere as EDM, became an instant hit. Disc jockeys everywhere began to experiment with dance music, and the trend of remixing popular songs to make them suitable for club dancing, and using synthetic instruments became a hot trend.

•Country music.
True to its name, this form of music traces its origin to Southern USA, way back in the 1920s. Country music includes ballads, dance tunes, and sing-song tales accompanied by stringed instruments such as guitars, harmonicas, and fiddles. With time, lighter beats have also begun to become a part of this music. The pieces backed by country music general have a calming effect.

•Jazz music.
Jazz music dates back to the nineteenth century and has an African-American origin. Interestingly, it grew simultaneously in various parts of America. The common undercurrent to these different places of origin of Jazz music was their characteristic property of being performance oriented. Over the following century, Jazz melody went through several transformations and had finally become the Jazz theme that we know and love today.

There is so much to learn about music and music genres. Just click here and find out more about music!

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has started from humble beginnings. He started off as a kid who just loved music. He comes from Ontario Canada and is now a mega star all over the world. I’m pretty sure everyone knows him by now. He started off as a kid who used to play on the streets for money with his guitar. I watched his documentary it was really intriguing. It was interesting to see where he’s come from and how he actually got so famous. He really is a natural at singing. His mom,  a real estate developer supported him through everything, and really helped him get a footing in this industry

He started by uploading his music to YouTube so that family members can see him perform. Eventually the video got a lot of hits and it was crazy to see how many people liked his music. I personally was following him since he was young and seeing him grow up to become such a mega star is actually pretty amazing. After being a big youtube hit, he was called by producers and he got his first chance to meet a few stars. Scooter is one of the people who led him to success. Scooter introduced Justin to Usher and Justin really wanted to show Usher what he could do. Usher was intrigued and really wanted to sponsor Justin Bieber.

After that, Justin Beiber just took off. He kept coming out with music and people just loved this kid. He came out with love songs and pop songs and eventually became mainstream. I know a lot of people didn’t like his music at first but I was a big fan of him since the start. Actually it was interesting to see so many different people decided to hate on him just because he was a young kid who didn’t seem like he could sing.

Fast forward a few years later, Justin seems to have grown up quite a bit. He went through a lot. The public media really didn’t like justin and always saw the worst in him. He used to be on the news a lot and it would always be about him doing something really dumb. He really messed up. He was a rich young kid with a fan base and he was bound to make mistakes. He then came out with an album to really show how much he’s grown up.

Purpose was the album that he came out with to show to the world that he has changed and he was asking everyone to forgive him. His music was really different and it really attracted people who didn’t really like him before. I think it was a good move on him because his music really was good and I kept listening to it even till this day.

One of my favourite songs from him is Sorry. This song is so catch and I think many other songs on his album is catchy. He definitely made a killing with this album and he was #1 on the music charts for a while. I really believe that he made a jump and grew up and his music reflects this change.

Christian Music

I listen to a lot of different types of genres of music. I grew up in a Christian home and one of the main genres of music that I grew up listening to was Christian music. There’ something different about Christian music because it really is a way to just connect with God. If you’re a believer, you may have experienced peace while listening to Christian music. There’s a different feeling and it really is peaceful.

There are many types of Christian music and one of the first bands I listened to is Hillsong. They are a Christian band who write praise and worship songs for church. I’ve always been a fan of them because my church and many other churches sing their songs during praise and worship services. It’s really interesting because I’ve grown up listening to them and still never get tired of the same old songs.

Another Christian band is Switchfoot. Not too many people know they’re a Christian band but their music is also very nice and just peaceful to listen to. I think there’s definitely a difference when you listen to Christian music because my friends who are not even Christian think that the music is such a different tone. They love it and they love listening to it because they feel that they are at peace as well.

I first found out about Switchfoot when I watched the movie a walk to remember. That movie will always be one of my favourite movies growing up because it was a love story that I’ll never forget. It was really sad but many who would watch it today would say that it is an out played story. I still think it is my favourite. I remember listening to Switchfoot when I called a real estate agency. They left me listening to the song for a while until I was talking to one of their service representatives.

I really appreciate the music. It’s really cool because there are so many Christian bands now that I’ve discovered and all their songs are on a different level. I really enjoy listening to Christian music in my car while I commute to work. I also enjoy listening to them while I am at work and when I am at home. I would definitely recommend people to discover more of this type of music because it really makes a difference in one’s mood.

I recently went to a Christian concert and so many of my favorite Christian bands were playing there. One of the bands that I like, Jesus Culture, was playing and it was the first time i’ve ever seen them live. I’ve been listening to them on my phone and hearing them live was such a cool experience. Kari Jobe was also there and she sounds amazing live. She really is awesome. Another band that came was Elevation Worship. Their music is unreal and honestly listening to them live was also such a great experience. I really enjoyed that concert.

Selena Gomez

I’m a huge fan of Selena Gomez. I’ve been watching her on TV since I was still young. I first discovered her at real estate company. As I was waiting for my friend’s mom finish talking to the real estate agent. I saw her on t.v. She was on a tv show called Wizards of Waverly Place. That show became one of my favorite past times because it was a relaxing and chill show to watch. In that show, Selena Gomez played a pretty funny and witty character that was pretty enjoyable to watch. I looked forward to watching her pretty often because of that. I watched that show for a really long time and just became slightly obsessed or a fan.

After she finished with that show and left Disney, she became a musician. She started coming out with music and at first it wasn’t that good. I wasn’t the biggest fan of her music because it was just the typical mainstream music that everyone would listen to. I gave it a shot because I was still a fan of her but after a while it just became very boring. After a while though she started improving her music and she started getting more famous.

She became famous and a lot of people started liking her music. I’m pretty sure she doesn’t write her own music but she became very famous for a few of her songs. She really made it after a while because she started dating Justin Bieber. At first it was weird that they were dating because she once said that she thought of Justin as a little brother. I guess that all changed because they started dating and that would be weird if she kept her opinion.

After she broke up with Justin Bieber, she really started making different music. She started coming out with sad music and it sounds like Justin Bieber and her had a real relationship going on. I’m not sure what happened but from what it seems like, Selena Gomez really had real feelings from him. You can tell in her music that she was really sad that they broke up. Their relationship didn’t last that long but they were a really good couple. I wish that they had stayed together.

Selena Gomez is going on tour now and I hope that she becomes successful and gets what she wants. I think she deserves it because she’s come so far from Wizards of Waverly Place. She started making movies too at some point but they weren’t that good. I remember she made a movie with Demi Lovato. They used to be best friends but I’m not sure exactly what happened between them. They were both on the popular kids show Barney before. I hope that they’re still friends.

Selena has a lot of talent. She can sing, act, and dance. She seems like a pleasant person to hang around with. I can tell by the interviews that i’ve seen. She really seems like a chill person and I like that because I believe it’s important to be nice in that industry. I really do hope that she continues on this path and eventually become a Hollywood legend.

Sharon Osbourne desires Beyonce To Resurrect Lilith fair

Sharon Osbourne is the queen of track festivals—her recent merging of head banging rock extravaganzas Ozzfest and Knotfest—is proof of that. but with Ozzfest doubtless headed for its remaining hurrah for its 20th anniversary later this year, Sharon is hoping to see a past festival get a revival. In an interview with Billboard, Sharon mentioned Lilith fair must be revived – and she is aware of just the grownup to do it.

“I want to peer someone like Beyonce do something like they used to do at Lilith reasonable, all girls,” Sharon said. “I believe that has to be carried out again…. there are such a lot of super feminine artists and singer-songwriters coming up. I think it’s striking.”

Curiously, within the equal Billboard chat, Sharon observed that whereas she and her estranged husband Ozzy Osbourne love singer Bruno Mars, there is not any up and coming heavy metallic band she has any pastime in working with.

“There in fact isn’t,” Osbourne noted. “There’s nothing that’s come out might be in the ultimate eight years that’s really excited me, during this style.”

However the idea of a revamped Lilith tour does appear to excite Osbourne more than 5 years after the competition’s founder, Sarah MacLachlan, scrapped the all-woman concert tour for decent. based on Rolling Stone, Sarah MacLachlan has referred to she has no plans to revive Lilith reasonable after the final incarnation of the feminine-fronted fest flopped in 2010.

First launched in 1997, the Lilith fair tour turned into dreamed up via MacLachlan after she became frustrated through radio stations that wouldn’t play two songs via female artists in a row. the primary three Lilith fair tours were a huge success, featuring everyone from Lisa Loeb to Lauryn Hill to Emmylou Harris, but the 2010 revival changed into poorly conceived and didn’t appropriately reflect how a good deal women—and the area— had modified within the 12 years on the grounds that the competition changed into first conceived.

Sharon Osbourne’s thought to have a Beyonce-fronted revival comes greater than a decade after the “Single women” singer came up with an idea to host an urban version of Lilith fair with friends Alicia Keys and Missy Elliott. The Verizon ladies First Tour ran for 22 dates in 2004. on the time, Beyonce instructed variety she contacted Keys and Elliott to join her on the tour.“It’s all about the women,” Beyonce stated. “We’re fans of each different.”

It’s unique that Sharon Osbourne would nominate Beyonce because the person to resurrect Lilith reasonable. while Bey is surely one of the vital largest stars on this planet, Sharon looks to have a different affinity for her, regardless. in fact, earlier this week, Sharon even channeled the singing celebrity when she regarded on her CBS chat fest, The speak. Sharon Osbourne walked onto the set of the sunlight hours speak demonstrate while sipping on a tall glass of lemonade. Sharon, who was addressing her headline-making split from husband Ozzy Osbourne on the time, became clearly referencing Beyonce’s recent Lemonade visual album, which is reportedly about her husband Jay-Z’s alleged infidelities.

Whereas she is most appropriate general for managing male tough rock acts, Sharon Osbourne has a gentle spot for feminine artists—her oldest daughter, Aimee, lately launched a song profession, in any case. And after what she has been through with her husband of 33 years, Ozzy, who allegedly had a longtime affair with a star hairstylist, it’s no ask yourself she’s ready for a bit girl vigour in her lifestyles.

As we wait to peer of Sharon Osbourne’s musical dream comes actual, take a look on the video below to see more from the 1997 Lilith reasonable.

Goodspeed to Honor Two-Time Tony Award-successful superstar Chita Rivera


On July eleven, 2016, the incomparable star of Bye Bye Birdie, West facet Story, Chicago, The Rink, Kiss of the Spider woman, The seek advice from and a lot of others can be introduced with The Goodspeed Award for marvelous Contribution to Musical Theatre

Goodspeed Musicals is overjoyed to announce that legendary performer Chita Rivera could be the newest recipient of The Goodspeed Award for fantastic Contribution to Musical Theatre. Ms. Rivera has made her mark as a singer, dancer, consummate performer and Broadway legend. This Broadway gypsy-grew to become-famous person has gained Drama Desk, Outer Critics, and Helen Hayes Awards as well as incomes the difference of being first Hispanic girl to receive the Kennedy center Honor.

Chita Rivera should be honored on July eleven, 2016 when Broadway luminaries and arts sustainers gather for a razzle brilliant experience to guide the construction of latest Works and emerging artists in Musical Theatre.Ms. Rivera shared, “Goodspeed is a national treasure. Their continuing inventive work in musical theatre is to be applauded.”

A a lot-anticipated annual adventure saluting the gold standard in musical theatre, Goodspeed’s Gala has develop into the vicinity to be each and every summer season. This unforgettable night will encompass cocktails, dinner and particular amusement at Priam winery, eleven Shailor Hill street, Colchester, Conn.

Goodspeed’s government Director Michael Gennaro pointed out that “Goodspeed is basically honored to latest this award to Chita Rivera. Chita is an awesome artist and performer and one of the crucial celebrated dancers ever to grace the Broadway stage. this is the ultimate yr to celebrate Chita’s legendary profession as we’re producing two indicates wherein she starred –anything else Goes as Reno Sweeney and Bye Bye Birdie where she originated the role of Rosie Alvarez.”

This yr’s honorary committee includes Lee Adams; Graciela Daniele; Maurice Hines, Jr.; John Kander; David Krane; Rob Marshall; Hal Prince; Ann Reinking and Charles Strouse.

All proceeds from Goodspeed’s annual Gala assist the development of recent Works and rising artists in Musical Theatre. previous honorees encompass Julie Andrews, Martin Charnin,Kristin Chenoweth, Ira Gershwin, Sheldon Harnick, Jerry Herman, William Ivey lengthy,Thomas Meehan, Michael P. expense, Gerald Schoenfeld, Stephen Schwartz, Susan Stroman, Charles Strouse, Tommy Tune, Tony Walton, and Paul Williams.

An accomplished and versatile actress/singer/dancer, Chita Rivera has received two Tony Awards as most efficient main Actress in a Musical and received eight extra Tony nominations for a great 10 Tony nominations. She lately starred in the consult with, the closing John Kander/Fred Ebb/Terrence McNally musical directed through John Doyle and choreographed by means of Graciela Daniele on Broadway (2015), following the acclaimed creation on the Williamstown Theatre festival in the summer of 2014. She starred in the Broadway revival of The secret of Edwin Drood, the Broadway and touring productions of The Dancer’s existence, a blinding new musical celebrating her brilliant career, written with the aid of Terrence McNally and directed by means of Graciela Daniele and the revival of the Broadway musical 9 with Antonio Banderas. She proficient as a ballerina (from age eleven) earlier than receiving a scholarship to the college of american Ballet from legendary George Balanchine. Chita’s first look (age 17) became as a essential dancer in name Me Madam. Her electric efficiency as Anita in the original Broadway most effective of West side Story brought her stardom, which she repeated in London. Her career is highlighted with the aid of starring roles in Bye Bye Birdie, The Rink (Tony Award), Chicago, Jerry’s ladies, Kiss of the Spider girl (Tony Award), and the normal Broadway casts of guys and Dolls, Can-Can, Seventh Heaven and Mr. fabulous. On tour: Born the day before today; The Rose Tattoo; call Me Madam; Threepenny Opera; candy Charity; Kiss Me, Kate; Zorba; and may-Can with The Rockettes. Chita changed into awarded The Presidential Medal of Freedom via President Barack Obama in 2009. She acquired the coveted Kennedy middle Honor in 2002 and is the first Hispanic lady ever chosen to receive this award. closing year, terrific Performances aired their special Chita Rivera: a lot of Livin’ To Do, a retrospective on her outstanding life and profession, nationwide on PBS. Chita’s present solo CD is entitled And Now I Swing. Her most treasured construction is her daughter, singer/dancer/choreographer Lisa Mordente.